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“Carmina and Quddus are growth accelerators.”

Kerry Hart | Artist


Carmina and Quddus share 32 years of combined TV experience interviewing some of the most influential stars in the world.

Their experiences led them to a sobering realization: most people—no matter their background, age, or status—struggle with some degree of anxiety and perfectionism when it’s time to hit the “record” button.

This led Carmina and Quddus on a 10-year exploration of human potential—a journey that included falling in love with each other. They’ve worked with self-development leaders to make Camera Ready a sustainable solution for more change-makers to find peace and freedom to be themselves on camera.

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About Carmina

Carmina is a TV host, speaker, and coach with roots in Mexico. She moved to Hollywood and got her break on Latin television as a TV host on Telemundo, Univision, and Fox Sports en Español. Her interviewees include David Beckham, Coldplay, and Sofia Vergara.

Camera Ready is the result of Carmina’s lifelong goal: to use her expertise and experience to make a deeper impact on the world.

Follow Carmina on instagram: @coachcarmina

About Quddus

Quddus is a TV host, speaker, and coach originally from Canada. He hosted the hit show TRL (MTV), which led to a nomination for “Favorite TV Personality” at the Teen Choice Awards. Quddus’ extensive hosting experience includes shows like Duets (ABC) and The Insider (CBS).

Through Camera Ready, Quddus shares his passion for bringing out the best in people, long after the camera lights have dimmed.

Follow Quddus on instagram: @quddus



“Carmina and Quddus are absolutely incredible. Camera Ready gave me the space to powerfully get to know my next level and live into it fully.”



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